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A Guide To Stacking Your Jewelry Like An Absolute Fashion Pro

If you love your jewelry, chances are you have amassed an impressive collection by now. But how often do you wear them all?

Most of us prefer to keep it minimal with our jewelry choices, choosing to maybe put on a dainty necklace or accessorize our looks with our favorite pair of earrings. That means most of our pieces end up lying unworn. Here’s how you can change that: Stack and layer your jewelry.

Stacking jewelry is one of the easiest and simplest ways to wear more than one necklace or ring without looking like a Christmas tree. Moreover, mixing and matching different pieces is a fun way to express your distinct style and personality. You can simply pull a few things from your jewelry box together and create a whole new look. This also gives you the opportunity to bring out jewelry that remains tucked away most of the year.

If you are new at layering and stacking your jewelry and don’t know where to start, these tips are for you:

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with metals and colors In the past, mixing your metals might have been considered a faux pas but not anymore! So, don’t be afraid to pair your silvers with your golds. All you need to make sure that the styles compliment each other and look cohesive. You can also play with colors to make your outfit pop. Keep the rest of your look neutral or basic and add a pop of color with vibrant layered jewelry.

  • Mix and match your old and new pieces As long as the styles don’t clash, you can pair your old pieces with your new pieces. If you have an heirloom piece that you have been dying to wear, go ahead and wear it with your newest Kendra Scott jewelry. The juxtaposition of the old against the new helps add to the visual interest of the outfit.

  • Mix lengths and widths When you layer your necklaces, choose pieces in varying lengths, with the longest necklace falling on the bottom. Similarly, with rings, wear bands of different widths. This will help the arrangement look chic and put together. If you love a wide cuff bracelet, you can stack two narrow cuffs or bracelets on either side. It is all about getting the proportion right.

  • Do not overdo it In a bid to layer and stack your favorite pieces, do not overdo it. Keep your look simple and sophisticated. This means you should avoid layering more than three or four necklaces. If you are stacking rings on one hand, keep at least one finger bare.

  • Learn how to balance Wearing layered necklaces? Avoid stacking your bracelets – in fact, avoid them altogether. You must strike a balance with the number of pieces you wear. If you want your bracelets to shine, make sure you keep the rest of the jewelry to just one or two pieces.

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