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“Pull a Monica” With These 5 Women’s Fashion Denim Tips

If you are a FRIENDS fan, you probably already know what that means! The popular American sitcom series gained a considerable cult following where the character Rachel Green (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) garnered a massive following due to her fashion choices. Unprepared for adulthood, Rachel left her lavish life to stand on her own feet in Manhattan turned many heads. Her wardrobe captured everybody's attention, from her iconic hairstyles to always-gold outfits.

However, this blog isn’t about her.

Monica is probably the most relatable character out of all. Her impeccable planning, obsessive organizational skills, and warm, welcoming personality kept the entire group of 6 friends intact season after season. And her fashion sense was just like her- the downtown cool.

We are sharing 5 of our favorite women’s fashion denim outfits and dress ideas from Monica for you to steal.


The way Monica carried off the casual-chic vibes while flaunting a red cami top with denim jeans in season one was absolutely marvelous. Red with blue denim is the most versatile outfit for every occasion, from lunch to dinner.

Our suggestion: Try this elegant red ribbed boat-neck sweater with the Jackie denim pants.


When it comes to Monica’s fashion inspiration, denim is the number one item on her checklist. A classic pair of well-fitted blue jeans is everything and can transform any outfit straight out of a glamour magazine. Pair it up with your favorite cardigan or a comfortable shirt for everyday wear, or throw in a sheer top or glimmering upper wear for some party vibes.

Our suggestion: The evergreen Pull-on jean with seam accent or the Jackie denim for something that embraces your silhouette.


When it comes down to women’s dresses, Monica is all about comfort with her unique spin of vogue. For times when jeans don’t cut it, and a gown might be a bit too much, day dresses become a fashion savior. Be it for a summer brunch or a casual day out with friends, play with patterns to keep your style intact without compromising functionality.

Our suggestion: The flowy mixed media print midi dress or the clean-cut postcard print dress.


White is a wardrobe staple, and Monica knew how to play around with it. She had her wardrobe sorted from baggy shirts to playful tops while passing through the day like a breeze. A white top with blue jeans is a fool-proof fashion statement.

Our suggestion: Opt for this summery Ribkoff white top for a relaxing breezy affair, or go for the ruffled sleeves V-neck top for something elegant and formal.


Accessories have the power to liven up even the most boring outfit and Monica was well aware of it. From playing around with layered necklaces, drop pendants to pearls and stones, her jewelry box basically has everything. Equip your accessory kit with colorful pendants, exquisite designs, metallic furnishings and minimalistic pieces.

Our suggestion: The Julie Vos Verona Solitaire necklace piece, the vibrant Kendra Scott Gemma Strand Necklace, the stunning Palladio earring pair and the Kendra Scott Madelyn hoops for an effervescent affair.

When it comes to “Pulling a Monica” in fashion, its all about ease, comfort yet chic. Before you leave, have a look at our recently stock collection for your summer fashion update!

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